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Below are some comments that past employers have made:


Oracle Corporation - from a Sr. Director: 

"Pat has been assigned to customers in very dire situations, and clearly understands how to handle delicate/escalated  customer issues to ensure their satisfaction with customer support..........he has the patience and drive required to continue to strive for positive reference, feedback and results.    He is on top of the escalations, and has a knack of preventing additional escalated situations from occurring because he provides insight into what could be “snowballing” downhill.   With such difficult and complex accounts with much history, Pat has put forth tremendous strides to establish firm, partnering relationships with the customer at executive, management, and individual contributor levels,  a real challenge!  There seems to be extreme comfort when Pat is managing a customer, as he resolves issues carefully and thoughtfully." 

Intec Systems - from a Vice President:

"Pat is a vital asset to Intec.........Pat's greatest relevant skills include his experience, seasoned judgment and ability to maintain a longer-term focus.  These skills should be utilized in leadership positions, if possible in the oversight of multiple efforts (within or across clients).  In the longer view, with Pat's diversity and attitude, there are many ways in which he can be effective within Intec.  As opportunities and new positions unfold, we will strive to find ways to leverage Pat's abilities." 

Arthur D. Little - from a Sr. Business Unit Director: 

"In the short time that Pat has been with us he has shown far above average skills and initiative in:  sales, relationship cultivation (internally and externally), professional development, staff development and representing the broad array of talents available at ADL.  I am extremely pleased that Patrick can and is contributing far above our expectations." 

Wang Laboratories - from a Business Unit Director: 

"Pat's interpersonal skills are excellent.  He presents himself with poise and tact and has the ability to exert a positive influence on other people." 

OASYS - from a Vice President of Marketing: 

"...possesses a unique combination of technical competence relating to computer software and more general marketing, sales and interpersonal abilities.  This is an unusual and powerful combination.  Pat understands and contributes to the development and packaging of highly technical computer software products.  More importantly, he is highly effective in generating interest and closing sales." 


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