possessing a career containing cross-functional qualifications

that span the numerous aspects of management, operations,

strategy and information technologies


If a company's strategy is sound, ordinary men with ordinary resources can frequently win over superior competition.  If its strategy is wrong, even inspired leadership, dedicated men and superior resources may be doomed to failure.Bruce Henderson founder Boston Consulting Group 



Over the past 20+ years, I have honed my skills and abilities to become a driver of strategies and business plans that utilize program initiatives built upon best-in-class solutions and improvements. 

During today’s demanding and rapidly changing business environment, my broad based business knowledge and management talents may be of value to your business model implementation.  I actively engage in opportunities and challenges that will allow me to apply the components of my career to manage projects as well as grow and expand an organization.  I will welcome your input and suggestions to explore this opportunity further.

Providing a balanced mix of process and technology